Electric Blue Head Lice Cream

Electric Blue Headlice Cream uses a synergistic blend of natural essential oils in a special cream base, for a double action.

Headlice are quickly killed. Some are repelled out of the head as soon as Electric Blue cream is applied.

Nits (Headlice eggs) are loosened, from individual hairs. Electric Blue attacks the protein-cement glue that sticks nits to the hair.

This allows easy removal of eggs with a fine-toothed comb, stops Headlice embryos from hatching and breaks the re-infestation.


Product Description

About Head Lice

Headlice is a communicable disease. Therefore, the only sure way to eradicate infestations and prevent recurrences is to trace and check everybody with whom an infested person has been in contact over the preceding 2 weeks. Ensure that all those who are infested are treated.
For fast convenient eradication of headlice, use an approved anti-lice medication according to label instructions.

Learn more about head lice and how to treat them at www.electricblue.net.au/about



Kids lose head lice, mother regains sanity!

“I used lots of different products, Ban Lice, Nature-B, Lice Rid… wasting money. I used Electric Blue on my 4 kids and thank God they are now lice free. Thank you giving back my sanity.” – Louise R. (W.A.)

No re-infestation after 5 months problem

“I am happy to report that all traces of head lice have gone. Electric Blue cream was simple to use and very effective. I am telling all my friends.” – Judy D. (Tas.)

Natural and 100% effective. Thrilled!

“I was thrilled to find a natural alternative that worked so quickly. It was 100% effective for me as all lice were removed easily. They did not come back and my hair was well conditioned”. – Sandy S. (S.A.)

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